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Objectives and Tasks

       The primary objective of the Center for Taiwan Studies is to advance interdisciplinary academic cooperation concerning Taiwan studies both domestically and abroad. The specific tasks of the Center are as follows:

(1)   The integration of resources from various disciplines and fields:

The Center aims to encourage interdisciplinary academic cooperation on the part of scholars at National Taiwan University’s (NTU) College of Liberal Arts and academics both at home and abroad. In its preliminary stages, the Center will focus on research concerning the humanities and social sciences and will assemble academic resources and scholars relevant to Taiwan studies from the fields of literature, linguistics, history, ethnology, music, drama, and art. In the future, the Center’s primary goal will center on integrating Taiwan studies conducted among the various academic disciplines at NTU, and the Center will develop a comprehensive school-wide academic research team to conduct intercollegiate or international cooperation and exchange to enhance the depth and meaning of Taiwan studies.

(2)   The international promotion of Taiwan studies:

In recent years and given the unique nature of Taiwan’s culture, academics worldwide, especially those in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, have gradually established Taiwan studies as an individual field and engaged in relevant research, education, translation, and promotion. Consequently, the Center will employ scholarly research and discussion, the publication of academic works, resource integration, the development of websites, and the circulation of e-journals or e-newsletters to increase the influence of Taiwan studies in domestic and international academic circles and thus promote the internationalization of this field.

(3)   The encouragement of students and researchers to participate in the work of Taiwan studies:

The Center will develop numerous lectures, workshops, study groups, training activities, and other events to encourage students and researchers to participate in Taiwan studies and conduct interdisciplinary and cooperative research.

(4)   The publication of various book series on Taiwan studies:

        Through the efforts of affiliated colleagues and researchers, the College of Liberal Arts at NTU has demonstrated tremendous achievements in the research of Taiwan literature, history, linguistics, art, and culture. The Center will collaborate with the National Taiwan University Press to compile relevant research into various academic book series and will devote its resources to the discovery and organization of historical documents on Taiwan so as to contribute to the academic community.